Print only has Reference Dimensions



Suppling a product to tier 2 assembler in automotive market.
The print only has (Reference Dimensions) on it.
The print also has tolerance in the Title block.
And we have the CAD drawing from the customer, although, I can only have a cad viewer to see the overall shape and not pull of dimensions from.
My process is a multi-cavity hot molding process.
The finished part is very flexible and easily deformed when handled so it is difficult to measure.

Question, as all the dimensions on the print are references ( ) I'm thinking of "ignoring" them and choosing other dimensions on the shape to measure that relate to controllable points in my process and where I can get a valid measurement (where it's is not so deformable). Of course, setting this up in our lab testing with formal testing methods for this part type.

So why not talk to the tier 2. Reference dimensions seem to be a free ticket to me. They are only reference, and asking may move them from Reference to actual with tolerance, and I said above, I cannot measure the part for that dimension due to it flexible nature.

Yet I have to submit data on part measurements for PPAP.

Would you agree to me "ignoring" the reference values, and choosing my own areas of the part to measure and report on in the PPAP.

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My two cents

Then, how are you going to approve such product if dont have the complete information?
you cant ignore anything because it is not possible to measure it.
It should exist somewhere (specs, criteria, previous work orders) in order for you to be sure is ok.
On the other hand it is possible to download cad software (free, not viewer) or for evaluation.
with it yo can pick the dimensions you need on the design, if it is possibe to use it.



Thanks for you help.
I can go get my CAD person and have him get the measurements.
It actually protects me and serves the customer better as it will show my part meets the design.
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I can go get my CAD person and have him get the measurements.

AS9102 has guidance on this.

If there is a DPD (Digital Product Definition), there are steps to take to make sure you and your customer are on the same page.

In our organization, we create an AS9102 FAIR from the CAD drawing and submit the template to the customer and have them acknowledge that it will be acceptable to use the template for inspection.
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