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As I have mentioned in other posts I work in a industrial enviroment. We have 6 different types of main machines including turners, curing oven and honing-machines, apart from that we also have several transportsystems, washers and such. Everyone take part on all machines wich means it is hard for a operator to become a expert anywhere and especially everywhere.

There has been many discussions to make a problemsolving book/database for each machine. and tries have been made and failed, either operators forget to write up, the papers disapear, the decriptions doesn't make sence to everyone or it is hard to search for the problem.

Do anyone have a best practice example for this? The way I see it there are three parts to my question:

When a problem is solved, how do you document the solution so that the next person can understand it? Maybe a good template? How to make it easy so the operator does it directly?

How does a operator find the solution to his problem, how is the book/database searched easiest? I want the datasbase to have both solutiones for different quality-issues as well as pure machine problems.

On what kind of platform should the database be? Bookformat (can be beside the machine, but hard to organise and search in), Computer (Easier to search in, easier to organise, but away from the machine), Tablet (clearly the best option, but hard to get invvestment before proof it works, and is there good apps for this?)

Hope the question makes sence, and thanks for any and all help



In my previous position, I had set-up of compliance management database. The database contained various modules. The CAPA module had a direct link with the asset module which meant any time an issue was raised, it could be tagged against a particular asset. The CAPA record stored all the actions including root cause etc. It was very easy to see which issues had been raised against each machine and therefore which actions had been implemented.

We also used the CAPA database to record all maintenance issues for breakdowns. We used the Asset module contained all the planned maintenance activities as well as calibrations and MSA etc which meant a full histroy by machine could quickly be ran.

The system I used was Q-Pulse however I am sure there would be other systems which would do the same thing. Interestingly, I use Q-Pulse in my current role and have just started a pilot study on the use of iPads to collect data on shop floor and out in the field directly into Q-Pulse.

I hope this helps.

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I love to see someone share their experience in this issues

As this issues also become one of my daily task job (to record and analysis the problem and how we solve them, with have record so that my technician will able to troubleshoot the same thing wen it happen in future within our same understanding)

What I did was purely manual record on the book,
I know it was not very practical and have tried to key-in the record into computer base record but didn't long last because we need one person to maintain the record.

Thank you OP for bringing such issues.
Looking forward for learn more.


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What I've seen (I don't do it myself) is a "Troubleshooting guide".

As a common issue is raised and addressed, it is written up almost like a work instruction, with pictures if necessary.

This sheet is laminated and put into a book which is chained to the machine, or on a workstand specific to the machine. An easy machine may have only two pages, a complex machine may have 40 pages. Either way, when something goes wrong, there is a book right there at the machine to use as a reference.

The nice thing is that when someone looks in the book and a guidance is not there, they typically complain...and that complaint is the communication that another page needs to be added. (Nice having a positive trigger).


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I would say start by defining known problems and new problems. List all known problems and what kind of action you should have to solve them.
You also need a "Stop at first defect rules" when does the operator stop and what shall he do. This needs to be anchored to the management as i see it. because they need to be showing involvement. then you can apply an easy problem solving board near the machine, that includes 5W 2H followed by a quick response action square what you did to easy start up again, (If possible to start up) but you will need a square for 5Why and an action on the 5:th why, as an long-term solution, to ensure that the problem is solved. But you need to have management be part of the problem solving to highlight that it is important. it can be +n1
Out from the action you get you can include them in the std for the machine or set up/ Run. and update the FMEA and control plan if needed
I would say keep it simple in the beginning to show the progress and improvements, then you can apply for an data based program. We are using a data based program today, but we started up with paper board and pen. and we hade a 5 min meeting at the board every day to highlight the problems if they where able to be solved at the station or if it would be necessary to lift them to next level. There are 3 levels. Station, Department and site and the escalation is just bigger problem higher up, more cost higher up Etc...
Hope it gives some input to it
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