Problem with Cable Composed of Coextruded Litz Wire and Tube



Hi can I ask your help regarding my problem on Cable composed of coextruded Litz wire and tube. Problem occurs when we increase the pitch of litz wire to 5mm from 1.75mm. The Litz wire tried to unbundle when exposed to high temperature, can someone give me some advice how can I improved this. 5mm pitch is required by customer so we have no choice but to improve our process. :thanks:


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Not knowing anything about the process, I would start by identifying all of the controllable process parameters as well as the uncontrollable noise factors. Next, I would use a screening DOE to reduce the number of factors to those that impact the unbundling. Once the number has been reduced to a manageable level, you could proceed to optimize with another DOE, including noise variables to minimize variation.
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