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Problems calculating the observed CP - Page 19, AIAG MSA manual 3rd edition




I have just started to read aboaut MSA and started with the MSA reference manual (3 edithion AIAG) and I have som troubles following their calculations. On page 19

(CP)obs ^2= (CP)actual ^2 + (CP)msa ^2

For example if the measurement system cp indes were 2, the actual process would require a cp index greater than or equal to 1.79 in order for the calculated (observed) index to be 1.33.

When Im counting I got a different result.
=> Cp obs= 2,68 according to the manual it should be 1.33


Re: Problems calculating the obs CP (pg 19, MSA 3rd edition manual)

Thanks. I think I have lost almost 2 hours of my precious time just by redoing this calculation. But now I know its the manual fault.....
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