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Procedure Creation specifically for dimensional (caliper, micrometer, dti)


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Hi, I'm about to create our own internal procedure,how do I approach a procedure specifically for dimensional (caliper, micrometer,dti) should I check the OEM or check the British Standards?

And would it be a general procedure for all, even though we're applying for range of up to 24inches for example?



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I would not create a procedure on how to perform dimensional inspection and how to use a mic or caliper. This would be akin to creating a procedure on how to turn on a light when entering a dark room.

What I would do is obtain or create training materials on how to use inspection instruments (pin gages, mic, calipers, radius gages etc.) and proper measurement method. To answer your question if they should be SAE (Americas) or BSI (England) standards derived would depend on your work location.

I would recommend the following sources for training materials:

Equipment manufacturer
Key word search here on the cove
Professional organizations like ASQ.


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Thanks BoardGuy,

We are going for an ISO Accreditation and it's our first time to create our own internal procedure, because we normally use British Standard alone.

We're required to show our own internal procedure and just use BS as a reference.
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