Procedure for Fixture Gages that check True Position of holes

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Danny Houston - 2006


Hello there,

I am in the process of setting up MSA procedures for my company. We are a Teir 1 supplier for the big 3. I don't really know where to start as far as written procedures-Any ideas?

Also, concerning Gage R&R-I have several fixture gages that check true position of holes, each gage has 4 or five indicators on sweeps gages. Question: How do I perform a gage study on the fixture gage? and do I do individual studies on the indicators on the sweep gage also?:bonk:


Danny Houston - 2006


Apparently my questions and comments are not being seen, am I using this forum correctly? I have had no response.:(

Again, any suggestions on setting up procedures for Gage studies?


Hi Danny

Welcome to the Cove. This is the first post I have seen from you.

The MSA manual from AIAG has some great stuff on gage R&R and systems in general.

Send me an e-mail outlining what you need and I'll see if I can help you with a few procedures we use here.


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Although I am in the QS9000 world, I don't spend much time in MSAs. Best advice I could give are things you may well already be doing. Get copies of the full QS9000 set that apply to you, especially the main QS9000 book and the MSA book.

As far as written procedures, your document control, process controls and other things need to comply to QS9000. And MSA method should use the MSA book.

You'd have to get more specific for me to be able to try and answer your question. If your company is QS9000 registered, there should be some resource people in your quality organization who can help you make sure you meet requirements.

The other areas to be determined are what items really need an MSA. You'll need to review manufacturing process monitors that should already be determined to be important to the product meeting its designed specs. Then zero in on MSAs of those measurements.

Knowing absolutely nothing whatsoever about your product or measurements made on it, I can't make any specific suggestions.


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Yup - and gage studies are often quite specific. You might want to give more details. What equipment and such to give folks some more detailed info so they can think about your specific situation.

There are a lot of threads, such as which address R&Rs. But again, if you don't find anything with a search come back to this thread with a few more details and we'll try to help.
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