Procedure that shows how to do Dock Audits?



Are there any procedures that shows how to do the dock audits?

Rick Goodson

I can't help with a procedure, but can explain what I use to do in a prior life.

Our products were electro-mechanical and produced to our specifications as opposed to a customer spec. Each morning we randomly selected a product line and product (pull the chip out of a container) based on the shipping plan for that day. Around lunch we would randomly select a package sitting on the dock ready to ship. The package would be inspected against the packaging specifications including opening and checking the packing materials, etc. The product was then inspected and tested to the manufacturing and engineering specifications. We then had it repacked and put it back on the dock. Weekly we issued a report with the results of the audits. Obviously, any non-conformances noted went throught the non-conforming material and corrective action processes.

Al Dyer

I have never seen a specific "procedure" for dock audits, we have it included as a section of our final inspection procedures.

Some thoughts for your consideration:

Set up a matrix of part numbers (or part families) and set an ititial frequency of the audit. (based on past quality history)

Subsequent audits results (and if QS-9000, PPM ratings) will drive the revision of audit frequency.

Design some sort of check sheet to determine what will be reviewed during the audit. We review the packaging, bar-coding, labeling and verify that all previous inspection activities have been completed and meet customer specification.

If there are special characteristics we take a specified sample size and measure it against the customer requirement.

Document results and report results at management review.

As an aside, I would like to see some other input about any differences in "dock audit" (4.10) in QS-9000 and "Product Audit" (4.17) in TS-16949. TS seems to have more lee-way.


Al Dyer
Mngt. Rep.
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Greg Maggard

I too am looking for a way to control Dock audit. I can not find a specific guide line for my type of industry (RUBBER) products.
In the last place I worked I had the luxury of an electronic scanner at the final process. Product shipped in visible shipping
position. I would like to see so other types of methods if posible.
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