Procedure to stop a machine due to safety

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I need a procedure and a Tag or form to stop machines/equipment in case of a safety issue or potential ?
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I think it would depend on 'what type of machine'.

If it's a CNC Mill this would have something different than an automatic welding assembly line which would have something different than an oil drilling machine.

OSHA has procedures for lock-out/tag-out

Also, I guess it would depend on what country your in (thought about this after I grabbed the OSHA link).

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Hello, Anerol C

Michael has provided you with good information, however I must stress that, if you choose to develop a generic program/procedure for locking and tagging out of equipment, you should also supplement it with equipment or machine-specific procedures. Doing this will further ensure that your LOTO program will be effective and remain in compliance with the OSHA requirements of 29 CFR 1910.147.

TIP: If you also have a legal compliance plan in place, this category should be added to that plan as a periodic checking mechanism. Any deficiencies in your LOTO program will be identified through a robust legal compliance evaluation.

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