Interesting Read Procedure vs. Work Instruction (WI) - What is the difference?


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See the thread Howard linked to. Usually the procedure is a higher level document but one can argue that they are the same and that their use is semantics.


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Make your own definition

In few older quality system documents I have helped develop in the past we have used the discriminating criterion that procedures are documents that explain inter- departmental activities while work instructions are activity specific instruction to be carried out usually by a single associate or by a small team within one department.

With the process focus introduced with the 9K2k version, this discrimination is insignificant.
Not sure it matters

I am not sure it matters what the difference is between a procedure and a work instruction but I use the EXACT same terminology as Cari Spears. Word for word. The only thing I add is that "Who" means title or department not actual name. "When" generally means in what sequence, not clock time.



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