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I have conducted process and system audits at the supplier end and inhouse. I never used a numerical score system. I normally prepare a checklist based on QS 9000 clauses and will go ahead and ask for objective evidence of those either with the the supplier, MR or inhouse representative. But recently i heard that there is a way somebody can used numerical scores in auditing, in all system, process and product. Does anybody has any idea about how it works and any material.

Kevin Mader

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Personally, I think that you are doing it the better way by looking for objective evidence and leaving it at that. The problem with scoring systems are that they are subjective. Also, what tends to happen is that those who get a 60 in an area where they must have an 80 (whatever a 60 and 80 are anyway), they tend to do enough to pass and not go all the way that they can.

If you asked me, I'd say stay the course you're already on.





The QS 9000 QSA has a scoring method in the front. But, like Kevin, I would encourage not using a scoring method, especially for internal audits. I also discourage issuing majors and minors on internal audits. If you find something it needs to be fixed. Scoring and categorizing nonconformances just lead to one additional item the auditee can and will argue about.


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We used a scoring system in the beginning before we had everything in place to help judge how close we were to being ready. Once we got to the point of everything documented and everyone trained then we abandoned it. This was a a company that I worked for in 95. Our score system was:

0 = nothing there!!
3 = implemented but not documented
6 = implemented and documented
10 = implemented, documented and effective

Anything under a 3 received a CAR
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