Process Characteristics for Inspection and Storage


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This is my first post in Elsmar.
I have a doubt in defining the process characteristics for inspection, testing and Storage process. Please see the different processes where I had doubt

1. Dimensional Inspection - To verify OD, ID and thickness using vernier caliper / micrometer.

2. Incoming inspection - To verify the conformance to PO requirements. Only the verification of certificates is performed

4. Material Batch testing - To verify the properties (such as Tensile strength elongation, etc) using UTM

3. Storage of packed items - To store the packed items without damage or deterioration

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Thank you for your time.
I am sorry if I was not clear enough in my question. I just wanted to get a generalised answer that for inspection process what will be the process characteristics
To explain better, I thought I will attach a sample control plan file. In that against the processes such as Incoming inspection, testing, visual inspection etc, I would like to know what could be the possible process characteristics.
I have highlighted the cells and put a question mark. Hope it makes my question clearer.



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Much clearer now.

There will not always be a Process Characteristic for every process step. You may have Product only, Process only, or Product & Process.

For #100, there is probably no relevant Process characteristic
For #120, are there requirements for ambient temperature/relative humidity? Sample preparation?
#130, Any requirements for lighting, magnification?
#135, ambient temperature/relative humidity? This would be more common for extremely tight tolerances.
#140, Shelf life, temperature, relative humidity, stock rotation?

These are possibilities only. They must make sense in your particular situation.


Dear Miner,

Thank you very much for the clarification. Had doubt if process characteristics are relevant for each processes. It is clear to me now.
Thank you for your valuable time. Will come back if I get any more doubts.
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