Process Control 4.9 for Liquid Cargo Transport


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i have been asked by liquid cargo moving company having big fleet of road tankers to help them in getting iso with new revision. kindly throw some light on how to address clause 4.9 of iso:1994 or for the new revision.


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Have you defined the base processes? The following is from a transportation suppliers' QA manual - they specifically supplied several companies and had flow charts (cited) for each customer. The bottom line is you have to define (best through flow charts) your processes. Then you look at the flows and and identify/define points where you have controls.



All processes related to the service that meets the customer requirements are performed under controlled conditions and derived through coordination of our contract review cycle.

Included in our process control system are usage of Quality Procedures and the Training Manual. On time monitoring of important delivery and timing characteristics, driver qualifications and real time service through Dispatchers provide positive process controls.

REFERENCE DOCUMENTS: Company X Quality System
{Disk File Name: 4.2 Qlty_Sys.flo}
Company X Transportation Process Control
{Disk File Name: 4.9.1 Pro_Con_P&G.flo}
{Disk File Name: 4.9.2 Pro_Con_Ford.Sptng.flo}
{Disk File Name: Pro_Con_Ford_Shw.flo}
{Disk File Name: Pro_Con_Ford_Btv.flo}
{Disk File Name: 4.9.4 Pro_Con_Insp_Rpt.flo}

RESPONSIBILITY: The Operations and Safety Vice President
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