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Tina W

We have been told that our process flow diagram can be as simple as using our gantt chart. I find this hard to believe. Any ideas on how detailed the process flow should be. My reasons behind this question is do we track our die blocks (lots of paper work) or the whole die (generic). Any insight would be helpful.
Thanks Tina W


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Well, simply put a gantt chart is no more than a graphical sequencing tool - so yes - you can use a gantt chart to represent a process flow. The problem comes when you want to indicate a place where you have to go back to an earlier step in the process - I've never tried that with project planning software, to be honest.

Actually you can use any project planning tool/software to outline the flow of a process. If you want, you can also use it to predict, to some degree, cycle times for that process. There are some pretty powerful project planning software packages out there. Of course, MS has a lot of the market 'sewed up' with MS Project.
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