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Does anyone have a stamping process FMEA that can be shared. I would like to see what type of failure mode and causes were include for conventional stamping.

Jen Kirley

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Good day vardar3,

Can you give more information? Such as, what are you stamping? I see you are in Detroit. Are you working to TS 16949?

I also need to know what materials are being stamped. If metal, what type and what hardness? What kind of dies are used? Is is cold stamping or are you hot working?


Ya we stamp a bunch of different products, but mostly parts for seating mechanismf.

We are TS registered.
We used a lot of different materials, but a lot material with the SAE J403 Specification Low carbon steels
High Strengh Low Allow steel
We use Minster presses
Progressive dies with punches, holes sizes and forms.
We use Minstre presses


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Basically we go thru each stamping operation/station. So you could have a blank, pierce, extrude, emboss, etc. Then on each we look at potential failure modes. So for example, piercing a hole - you may have burrs, under/oversize hole, out of location. And then we go from there. It basically creates a universal FMEA. Good luck.


I was trying to find a process someone could share. Do youhave a Process FMEA for stamping that you ould share?


Can we prepare standard PFMEA for press part only for method / operations of part production, normally only three main operations takes place in press part (stamping) 1. Draw / Forming 2. Trimming / Piercing 3. Flanging / Restrike. I can say that defects are only related to this three operations / processes. If we can standardize the PFMEA for this three operations with all possible defects, anyone can use it for new product development and no need to start from scratch.
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