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A division of our company is starting a Process Management System. Our division uses QSI as we have Lotus Notes, however, they do not. Does anyone know of a company that sells a QSI-like set of tools (consisting of Product Documents, Document control, Released Documents, Corrective Action, Internal Assessment, Quality Manual, etc.) which does not require Lotus Notes or Domino Designer?

Jim Biz

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Frankly - I'd offer this advise first - Check with Marc::: e-mail connect at his address on the home page....

He has many files in the Member AND/OR Preimum Access set's that may help you along...

I'm not a fan of "canned tool systems" But there probably is a good set of examples in the file-sets

Have you tried a Site SEARCH using your headings (Corective Cction etc.) in the documentation section??
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