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Hello Cove Members

I am need of your help. My boss is asking to have process map structure specific to Engineering consulting organization. I showed him various process map of this forum but he disapprove all of them.:nope::nope:

This organization is an Engineering consulting firm which provides Engineers to various clients for consultation services.

So somebody help me with the process map specific to Engineering consulting firm.

thanks in advance to all...


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Process maps are simply types of flow charts (aka "work flow" diagrams). Some are very, very simple. Some are extremely complex.

Process maps you will find here are examples of process map formats in the same way "canned" procedures and flow charts are meant to be examples of formats, not content. One of the others here may be aware of a format specific to engineering consulting, but I am not.

Is your boss not happy with any of the example formats you have presented him with?

I just Googled "process maps" and there are hundreds (if not thousands) of "process map" examples there in images. The best that I can suggest is that you and your boss sit down and discuss different types of formats and ask him what he wants to see in a process map.


In the general process map just show a block named Engineering and is all what you need.from there you develop procedures which belong to that block,e.g. quotations,conceptual engineering,3d modeling,etc. Dont need more.if you want to spend more time on this,you can develop sub process maps (sipoc type) where you depict every sub process (quotatation, 3d modeling) and so on.
Hope this helps.


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Thanks everyone for taking out time to help me...

I discussed him clearly about it. Actually he was looking for the process flow chart which contains various processes done in Engineering consulting organizations. for instance various processes in marketing, sales, procurement, strategic, operations, HR etc.

As am new to this, so I am bewildered. Someone help by sharing related document or by their views..

thanks to all


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Swim lane charts could be useful if you need to depict the involvement and interaction between several departments or functions. Click on the link for an example.
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