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Process Mapping for a BPMS (Business Process Management System) vs ISO


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Hello all.

We are in the verge of implanting a BPM System on my company.

I do not know if anyone has experience with BPMS software, but basically, you use BPM 2.0 Notation, creates digital forms, rules of flow, some javascript here and there, and then insert those forms, rules, etc, in activies, gateways, etc.

My question is regarding the ISO mapping of the process.

The process mapping for automation of the process must respect some computer as well as specific parameters of the BPM system being used for the automation.

That may involve making some important changes to the process mapping.

Let me describe an example... a process about identifying, analyzing and controlling risks.

If I mapped it on Bizagi Modeller, it would probably have an activity for "discovering risks", then "analyze risk" (some description to use a form where you identify the Risk Probability and Impact, and the result is how grave is the risk and thus how you should treat it), then deciding the next analysis (with return flow due to time decided earlier)...etc

Now... on a BPMS... the whole calculation of the Risk Graveness must be done through a process flow, where it gets the Impact and Probability of the risk input by the user and copies values to the form using XOR gateways, one for each IF (like a concatenated Excel IF).

Impact input: 3 - Moderate
Possibility input: 4 - High

Form itself calculates 3+4 and stores in a field. 7

XOR Gateway: if 0 or 1, follow this path to Script activity that inserts GRAVENESS - VERY LOW to Risk Accessment field...

if not, XOR Gateway: if 2 - 3, follow this path to Script activity that inserts GRAVENESS - LOW... etc, etc

I wrote all this to show how the mapping for a BPMS can be different from a normal process map made only for employees to auditors to analyze and understand the workflow.

Question is... would you use the BPMS mapped process for ISO documentation? Or it should not even be included there?

John Broomfield

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Eventually your organization’s BPM System combined with its leadership should exceed the requirements of ISO 9001.

I’d recommend not creating more than one system but you may consider your BPM System as a much more detailed (deeper) layer within your organization’s higher level Management System that conforms to ISO 9001.


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