Process Validation - OQ & PQ


Can someone give ideas on how to conduct OQ and PQ validation for medical device packaging products.


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In case you are looking for validation of sterile barrier systems, refer to ISO 11607-1:2019 and ISO 11607-2:2019.


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For more general packaging, take a look at GHTF SG3, QMS - Process Validation Guidance. Its a little bit out of date, but a good starting point.


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Hi we have perviously validated a sterile barrier for a tyvek pouch as per ISO 11609-2 2006, do we need to redo the validation as per the 2019 version? if nt the full revalidation what are the new updates that need to be consider.


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Its worth performing a gap assessment between the two versions and identifying any significant changes that pose a risk.
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