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Product Audit Checklist - Please give some advice or share your opinions


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Can anyone give some advice or may share opinion, for my checklist of product audit. Our company is the manufacturer of electronic board assembly and now our team are preparing for TS certification. Therefore we need to do product audit. I compiled some checklist you may see it, can we proceed this ?





Do you have customer requirements for your products or published specs you confirm and verify as part of your process. How about your control plan details for each process. Typically my TS audits for processes and products centered around the control plans submitted with your PPAP package. Ocassionally they would pull a customer drawing to verify the control plan details.


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Our customer only gave the Product drawing, BOM, and they are relying refer the general standard inspection as IPC 610D level-2, unfortunately customer not describe a specify requirement for overall product (testing and inspection),
Yes.. I made the checklist refferring to control plan, process flow


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As per our practice, we use control plan+ FMEA+ Drawing+ CSR + etc in manufacturing process and product audit, to verify;

1) The processes are operating within specific specifications and it is capable of producing products that meets customer requirement
2) The product produced are within specific specifications and it meets customer requirements


The checklist is seems to be OK.But you have include the dimensional aspects also as per TS requirement
I took an overview, in view of this checklist, it looks defined according to process flow from beginning of receiving to end of packing, but what I felt that missing part of general item which might be divided into several sections,
1>Configuration management (Product specification, BOM correction, Change control..)
2>FAI baseline control
3>Variation control (GRR/FMEA/SPC/identify risk opportunity based on critical process)
4>Calibration & maintenance management
5>FA handling & Root cause analysis

Hopefully, it is useful for your reference. Kevin:)
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