Product Audits - Is it a requirement to measure at least 3 parts?


Natália Botelho

I work in a two tired company of automotive industry.
We make metallic stamp parts. Our lots are no bigger then 20,000 parts, and after that the tool is maintained.
After an audit, the auditor tell me that in a Product audit we have to measure at list tree parts.
I think that one is enough.
Can you give me your opinions?
Thanks in advance.

Jim Biz

Just Opinion:
More parts measured is More YOU KNOW about.. the Tool - Maintainence Results and the Process.

One may-be not enough - 3 MAY-be enough - 5 would be "better"

How often do you audit the product?"
1 each hour?
1 each day?
1 each week?
1 each 20,000 lot?


Fully vaccinated are you?
What product audit?

Was the auditor talking about a dock audit?

Your in-process audit(s) is(are) defined by your control plan (or equivalent).

You say you check 1 part. When? 1 part out of a run of 20,000?

Natalia Botelho

Thanks for the tips.
Yes, I’m talking about dock audit’s which are made once a year, minimum.
They are independent of the control made during production, which have a bigger sample and is made each hour, as defined in the Control Plan.
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