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Production approval testing - Alternative ideas for Validation


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Trying to think of some alternative ideas for validation.

Current process is to take external measurements and perform functional tests (we'd have to cut the units open to measure the internal dimensions) for the prototypes. I usually repeat this process for the first production run for a statistical quantity connected to the lot amount.

Considering in the near future a lot of people may be working from home or have limited time, are there other industry acceptable methods to validate products in a less labor intensive way?

I'm usually a pretty out of the box thinker, but I'm having a really tough time thinking of alternatives here.


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Whether in medical, aerospace, automotive, etc if someone has a way to approve a product function with the limits of internal dimensional inspections would be destructive with current available equipment and potentially limited staff to run another in process functional test, I'd be all ears to options.

John Predmore

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Maybe you have deep understanding of the manufacturing process and maintain control over the variables that matter to quality. Done correctly, process capability index can be an indicator of how likely manufactured parts will measure within specification limits, and that might be an acceptable alternative to traditional validation testing. Process quality can also be charted over time using SPC, with adjustments to the process to keep the performance characteristics centered and in control. Control charting might be another acceptable alternative to traditional validation testing.
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