Production Schedule - Looking for some good ideas on production scheduling software



This isn't quality assurance software, but I'm looking for some good ideas on production scheduling software and would appreciate any pointers. Thanks, Dawn


Hello Dawn,

We have used MS Project in the past but found it difficult to learn/use/update... etc.

Our new project software is Primavera (a basic version) that seems to work pretty good according to our Project mgr.

You should know that there is a significant learning curve with this type of software (about 1 week full time) and a good computer with adequate memory is required. Most good project management programs are about $1K.
Consider also that you may want extra copies and have it networked to get its' full value as a tool. We find that it needs to be frequently updated to account for variables (delayed product, etc...) and remain useable, which takes up time each week.

Good luck!


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Fully vaccinated are you?
We;ll throw in MRP, ERP and other software into this 'topic' housing so the question fits fine.

One fine point - you asked about scheduling software - not project software, right? I've used MS Project for many projects, but have never thought of using it for production scheduling.

Al Dyer

Along with Marc, I believe that MS Project is the wrong choice for production scheduling. An integrated Excel spreadsheet would be more in line.

Although all software will have to be labor intensive on a daily, if not hourly, basis.

Find someone good at Excel and design a program that will work for your individual situation. Canned programs for this type of activity are $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and you would be better served to use the systems already in place.


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