Production Trial Runs Idiots Guide


Mark A Bamber

Can anybody out there furnish me with information regarding the above subject. Having searched APQP a number of times I can only find definitions & what I really want is an idiots guide of what the content is, what is is about and any rules of conducting one. Any examples would be sound !

Thanx Mark.


Review the PPAP manual, can be used for production and pre-production. Also, if you have access to the Chrysler PSO (process sign-off), it is a good source of info.


Fully vaccinated are you?
I agree that the PPAP manual has a lot of specifics - but - I caution you to talk with your customer's supplier QA contact and get firm agreement on their specific expectations.

Mark A Bamber

Many thanks for your responses, I have looked into PPAP but I am looking for something more than capability. Is there anything that looks at Availability, Efficiency and Capability of a process or machine. I have a copy of PSO & Run at Rate but cannot find anything on Availability or
Efficiency which gives an overall picture of
how a process is performing, does one exist ?

Roger Eastin

It almost sounds like you are asking "TE" type questions. Anyway, you may want to reference the Reliability and Maintainability Guideline published by SAE. This is referenced in the TE Supplement many times and though you may be asking these questions for different reasons than to comply to the TE Supplement, it is still a good resource for these definitions.
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