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Hi, i have a problem here, and i need you folks to figure out something for me, becouse i need diferent opinios. Please forgive my english becouse im from Dominican Republic and we speak Spanish down here.

Im working in one of the 2 largest telephone company here in DR. In doing a projet that want to mesure productivity for all critical funtions here. Im talking about costumer service, front desk, back office, call centers, instalations of wire lines and inalambric lines, sales, marketing, channels of distributions, providers, and a bunch more, but i need that first.

We live in a CRM (Customer relationship management) philosophy environment, i think that will help me too.

Thax in advance for your comments, and please, lets here some ideas, no matter how bold it is.


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Productivity in Service

Thanx Wallace for your answer.

You see, i need some ideas, i need examples, i want to read some facts.
I have check the URL, and a only find the philosophy of CRM, but the thing i need the most is examples of mesure Productivity in a Costumer Service base company, i need to hear the personal experience of anyone that work in that enviroment, i know that here i could find the light that i need in this forum, becouse im know you are all quality gurus!!!!



Re: Productivity In Service - CRM philosophy enviroment

:eek: You should get hold of the TL 9000 Measurements Handbook. It will give you some great metrics around customer satisfaction etc. That is where I would start.
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