Project Management System - What do you currently use?


I work for a new manufacturing company and have been tasked to implement a project management system for tasks associated from the RFQ process to when we begin production for a given part. The system must do the following:

1. Assign tasks to managers or their staffmembers.
2. Send out email notifications specified intervals (and at due date) for each task.
3. The tasks for each part are the same (at least for this portion of the process), so I'd like to be able to save the tasks so that I do not have to re-enter them for each part.

What do you currently use, and would you recommend it? If not, what would you use?

Thanks in advance!


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I depends at what level you need the management
If it is a simple management, the basics, assign tasks, define responsibles, due dates
simple graphics, use Microsoft project, if more complex. assigning resources, more control , importing and exporting tasks, WBS,etc. Use Primavera, although very expensive,
400 USD vs 4000 USD. or more.

Hope this helps

It is basically as I described above. It is basic--assign tasks, track due dates, etc. I don't want it to complicated. I will check out Microsoft Project as you suggested. Are there other programs you would recommend?


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We use asana at work, we create a task and assign it, then in the task you can create sub tasks.

So our company will organize the subtasks in:


So the attachments subtask will contain all the picture uploads, all the pdf's for an order, the work section is there to be checked off once all necessary work is completed by the assigned person, and so on.

So you can assign tasks with due dates, or work in projects, it's a very versatile piece of online software.