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I have a question regarding proper document control request.

For example, when a DC request for change of PROCEDURE 1 is received, technically we change several documents:

1. PROCEDURE 1 (paper based, archive version)
2. Master document list
3. (possibly) List of Policy distribution
4 ...
5. PROCEDURE 1 (electronic version on portal)
6. PROCEDURE 1 (local working editable copies)

All that changes were initiated by a single DC request. No-one launches another DC request to change affected documents (2-6).

What if PROCEDURE 1 has a common/shared references in PROCEDURE 2, so we have to change also PROCEDURE 2 to maintain integrity?

Should we (internally) launch another DC request to change PROCEDURE 2, or we just record (in our report LOG) what all we have done while processing initial request?

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Jen Kirley

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Good day Vladimir,

If the same information is in two procedures and the information changes, then yes both procedures will need updates. I would consider sending this through, with the same change request, as procedure #1.

Ideally I would try to avoid duplicating this information because of the added risk of missing one of the procedures, or the difficulty in finding all of the places where this information is found.

I also tend to question the need for document lists, unless your people actively use them. The only standard I have worked with that requires a list of documents, their revision number and date of change is 17025.

I also do not know why a policy distribution list needs updating. If revision numbers are listed, do they need to be?

In my experience with document control, simpler can be better.

I hope this helps!
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