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Proper ISO standard for Pressure Testing and Leak Rates


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I'm having a tough time finding the proper ISO standard for Pressure Testing. Specifically I'm trying to figure out if within this standard there is a method for testing leak rates with air and being able to connect that leak rate to a hydro-static rate.

I know air molecules are smaller than water, so I would assume for a water tight seal you might still see, say 3 bubbles of air a minute. Or if you pressurized the unit to 30 psi, it would drop to 28 psi in a min and still be considered water tight.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


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I saw that, and was worried it was just the vocabulary. I didn't want to purchase the standard for just definitions. If there are test methods there, beyond what is on the site, I'll go for that one.


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When you say "Part 8"

I don't see a part 8 in this list


If not, then there are only 6 sections, which multiple clauses in each of them. All are definitions, not specific directions on how to run the tests, or specific guidelines for those tests.





I'm looking for something like 5 of air is equal to 1 of water. Or the standard test for verify hydorstatic pressure without water is X.

Not sure if something like that exists.
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