Proper Thickness Gauge for Foam/Felt and Soft Materials


I am looking for the proper way to measurement the solf material such as felt, foam, carpet but the problem is most gauges apply too much pressure on material and it cannot get an accurate result. Can anyone help to suggest what gauges we should consider please?

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Proper Thickness gauge for Foam/Felt and solf material

Hello Chita and welcome to the Cove :bigwave:

The best way to deal with soft materials measurement is non-contact which in many cases comes down to optical measurement. Sometimes you can use profile projectors, but those are not always appropriate or practical. Other than that optical measurement equipment is usually quite expensive.

In general the ideal solution depends on your requirements for accuracy and precision (measurement repeatability). If your budget is limited and your requirements are not high, perhaps a more crude contact solution would do. I'm not from your subject field but I would imagine that many manufacturers have a similar need and so a simple, affordable solution already exists.

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Re: Proper Thickness gauge for Foam/Felt and solf material

Hi Ronen,
Thank you so much for your help. The problem is I can properly asking for only a cheap gauge for the company to approve. Just in case if any of the Quality guru have some interesting to share.


besides ultrasonic technology ($$) I found this - (broken link removed)

but I do not have experience or direct knowledge!


[FONT=&quot]Another way to determine measurement method is to consult the specification the product is procured to. Many times specifications define how and by what method the product is to be accepted to.[/FONT]


Please see (broken link removed) site...

The attachments here are also freely downloadable from the above site


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