Proposed System: Revision = Modification Date; Approval = Access Permissions

Mark Meer

Trusted Information Resource
I'm working on developing a new electronic Doc Control system, and was wanting to run the following proposals by all you fastidious document controllers out there... ;)

My proposal is this:

For documents meeting the following criteria:
1. The document is electronic with automatic timestamps applied; and
2. Only ONE PERSON is responsible for it, and can modify it

a) The "version/revision" level of the document is simply the modification date;
b) Approval is implicit by way of controlled access permissions. Because only one person (the responsible party) can access the source file, any modifications to the file are implicitly approved by that person (because they are the one modifying it).

Anyone see any issue with this?
Feedback much appreciated as always! :)


Starting to get Involved
The only issue I can see Mark is that the responsible person may modify the document in a way that makes it more difficult for other users to use the form. Is it possible to include a stakeholder review?
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