Prototype Control Plan - Can anyone share with me an example


Roger Eastin

Can anyone share with me an example of a prototype control plan that they've used? I am interested in the types of items that are listed in the prototype phase of the control plan.


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I didn't see this - sorry I didn't respond earlier.

I don't have an example prototype control plan but it is simply customer requirements (if any) and your 'obvious' requirements. Your FMEA will (should) feed in any 'extra' items.

I have seen a number of protoptype control plans and some are real basic while in some cases the stuff that was on the prototype control plan was the same stuff (and no more) that made up the production control plan. Don't get too excited about the stages.

Remember - each of the 3 stages is just a snapshot of the control plan as it was in a certain stage. It's one document which is being developed/evolved - not 3 separate documents. You should have your revisions as a history file. And you may have more than 3 revisions.
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