Prototype/Sample of Laboratory Device to export in EU for Testing Purposes without CE marking


We are a manufacturer of laboratory devices exporting to EU countries and offering OEM services. Currently, we seek your guidance on shipping a prototype/sample of a laboratory device to our client in the EU for testing purposes. This prototype does not bear a CE marking as it is strictly for testing and not for sale.

Could you kindly advise on the necessary documentation required for exporting such a sample/prototype to EU countries? Additionally, any steps our client must take from their end to facilitate this process would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much for your assistance. I look forward to your response.


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First, check all the EU Directives to see if the product is required to have CE marking in the first place.

Then... it is a while since I got involved in this but if you are only making one of the piece of equipment, there used to be no requirement to have it tested and CE-marked, especially if it was for restricted use. This is what we were doing, making just one piece of equipment. The customer then asked us to make a spare, and this involved some testing (long and expensive); we tried to get the customer to avoid ordering the spare but they declined, so the order increased in value significantly and the delivery date also got moved back by a significant length of time.


Our product Falls under the 2014/30/EU, 2014/35/EU, 2011/65/EU with the inclusion of (EU) 2015/863 directive. But as The sample/prototype is for testing purposes (not for sale) it has no CE mark.

We have to export the whole unit as a sample/prototype because of client is unable to assemble it.

So, Could you kindly advise on the necessary documentation required for exporting such a sample/prototype to EU countries without CE mark?


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Section 2.3 of The Blue Guide, linked above:
Placing on the market is considered not to take place where a product is:

— transferred for testing or validating pre-production units considered still in the stage of manufacture;

I would add a label onto the product that it is a test sample and not for resale
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