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One of my clients supplies the Delphi E & C (Electrical & Chassis) division.
In addition to the items on the Covisint web site you reference, they
have a lot of division specific items. If anyone needs this I can put together
a list. We will need one for our own TS16949 but haven't done it yet.
If anyone else has already done one, that would be great to share!

Many are "pass through" items from GM, examples:

product label error proofing and label PFMEA (to prevent labeling errors)
A proprietary format for Process Flow diagrams (much more detailed than usual)
"line side review" -- a very detailed internal process audit, validating the PFMEA,
control plan, and error proofing
Delphi-specific PFMEA instructions

There is no central site for these; they are given by the Delphi SQE's.

In general these procedures are grueling but productive.

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