Publishing Environmental Reporting



Environmental Reporting

Has anyone of you ever published environmental reporting in your company? Would appreciate if anyone can provide the information needed to go for environmental reporting?
Thanks in advance!


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Do you mean reporting internally or in accordance with a country's regulatory bodies?


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I'm confused as to what you want. Are you talking about generating a report on your environmental performance as an organization or reporting as required by regulatory agencies?:confused:


Hi Randy & Marc,

First of all, thanks for replying my thread. As this is my first thread I've posted over here, so it's kind of nervous and sorry for making everyone confused.....

Anyway, let me try to clarify, what I'm trying to ask is there any sample of good environmental report available in the web...

The environmental is a voluntary effort and we are looking at ISO 14000 guidelines especially 14032 technical reporting.....

Hope this clear out any doubts...

thanks for helping out...really appreaciate all your helps....


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Draft ISO TR 14032

I see 14032 is ANSI document number 295, Draft ISO TR 14032 for Voting (1999-02-01 is the last draft?). See - The old URL was --> /rooms/room_33/paam/dr_14031.html

I haven't read it so I'm not sure what it requires. Sorry I can't help without more info. You say: " there any sample of good environmental report..."

The question is, a report on what (Regulatory compliance? Electrical usage? Aluminum cans recycled? Scrap sold for recycling? Etc.) and whom is the target audience for the report?



I have quite a lot of experience of environmental reporting. In the Netherlands you will have to write a yearly environmental report for the government. I worked on reports for the local authorities and public reports.

I may be able to help you. You can contact me at [email protected]

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