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Purchasing Procedure Manual Assistance needed



I have been working in the Purchasing Dept. for 22 years and throughout my years with this company i have always considered my responsibilities as a Clerical Position. The Purchasing Dept. has bnever been compliant with how other Organizations run a Purchasing least in today's world. Within the last 6 years this company went from having 250 + employess to about 100. I am the only one in the Purchasing Dept. and for the past 3 years find myself only generating PO's to pay after the fact invoices and the majority of them have been for services. In other words there hasn't been any orders for actual goods or interaction with any suppliers. The company was recently bought out and now new management have taken over and my manager is now requesting a Purchasing & Procedure Manual. I have worked with Oracle for the last 6 years up until October 2010 when the new company took and transitioned to SAP. Before we were bought out, a PO was generated for everything regardless of the dollar amount. Oppose to the new company who does not generate many PO's, everything is invoiced or paid with a corporate purchasing card. I am just learning SAP and have limited access to what i can do compared to Oracle that i was setup with manager access. Anyways, i don't know where to begin to put this manual together. I want it to be a simple manual with basic table of content and an introduction letter for each responsibility (ex: Creation of requisition, requisition approval, the generation of the PO, receipt process, invoicing, payment process) but at the same time I want it professionally written. I have searched the web but everything i found is too detailed and intellectually written. I am not looking to become the CEO of the company I just want to get my job well done. Is there anything you can recommend or provide... at least to get me started? Any information is greatly appreciated. Please advise. Thanks
Re: Purchasing Procedure Manual Assistant needed

I would say that with 22 years experience can probably write it more professionally than a lot of people!

There is a free one you can get from, it's a bit long winded though.


OMG... Thank you so much! The information you provided was very helpful. I will be reviewing it and working off of it. However, anything else that you come across and willing to share will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

Ted Schmitt

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Using templates and guides is fine for orientation purposes, so do not forget to add / include your day to day activities in the procedure and not the other way around. If you try to enforce what´s written in the procedure (guide/template) the chances are that the employees will not follow it 100%...

Your experience should add tons of value to the procedure !

Just my :2cents: worth...

Good luck !
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