Purchasing - Requirements for qualification of personnel


Jim Triller

The personnel who do the work must be "qualified" (if required). For example, say you purchase some fabricated metal product that required welding. Let us also assume that there is a regulatory requirement that the welds must be performed by a "certified welder." Your purchase document should impose the requirement that the welding must be performed by a "certified welder" and the supplier should provide evidence to you that this requirement was met.



Can any of you Quality Gurus give some guidance as to what Section 7.4.2.b means when it states "requirements for qualificaion of personnel."? Are we to state in our Purchase Orders that the Supplier is to only have "qualified" personnel? By who's standard. Theirs or ours? I don't get it.


Thanks for the info. When you put it in the context of "(if required)", it would make sense. If you order an ASME Code Pressure Vessel, which requires qualified welders, it goes without saying that in order to sell Code Vessels, there are strict requirements for welders. Otherwise, you are not a "Code" shop. If I'm buying widgets from a distributor or standard product from a supplier, it bothers me to have to mention in our PO that only qualified personnel are to be used to satisfy our order. Not to mention that it may be next to impossible to verify. Thanks again for the input.

Kevin Mader

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Kind of a side-bar but keep this in mind when using outside sources for Calibration activities. The expectation is that these service providers are Approved Suppliers by your organization and have the credentials to do the work you request (experienced with NIST, or equivalent, standards, lab certification such as A2LA, and standards are used in the calibration of devices).


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