Pyrometry Field Test Instrument to perform TUS (Temperature Uniformity Surveys)



I have lived (barely) through the last 9 years of Nadcap audits in seven different commodities. I reread - given that your test instrument was independant and meets the requirements of table 3 you should be okay to use it again for TUS but if it were me I would find out when the production test instrument will be fixed and put back in service. I really would not want to explain to a HT auditor myself.

Above all sometimes the best bet is to contact the Staff Engineer. If you have a good relationship with them (and it is possible!:D) then you should be able to ask them. I have posed questions myself and in the end glad that I did. Sometimes as we all know, an auditor can look at things differently.


I have a recorder that is normally used by my technician to perform TUS (Temperature uniformity surveys). The production recorder went down so they borrowed my Field Test instrument. They have used it for three weeks.
I now have to perform TUS on several ovens. Can I still use this unit for the TUS or do I need to send it out for re-calibration, (it is still in current calibration when I sent it to the calibration house 3 1/2 weeks ago).
I am confused by table 3 of AMS 2750 and para which says "Process instruments of thermal processing equipment shall not be used to record TUS data".
Is this recorder now a process instrument since it has been in production use?
J Allen
This recorder is not part of the oven system so it would be ok to use IMOH.
Do you have the correction factors for each of the test points and the and their associated span, for each of the ovens. If not you will need to recalibrate it and it must be put on a 3 month cycle immediately if you are using it for TUS, and or SAT.
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