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QMS Document Management Software Recommendations


We are currently using Microsoft SharePoint for all of our QMS documentation (Processes, Procedures, Work Instructions, Forms, etc) but for the size of our organization, we have determined that this is not the right tool. It's really just a repository of files within document libraries (some have approval workflows, revision control but most libraries do not.) We are looking for a stand alone "QMS Document Management Software". We are not looking for a "Document Control" Module within a QMS Software. Does anyone have any recommendations? ConSense GmbH is the only Software that we have found so far, but would like to look at other options as well. Thanks.


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How big are you? I've seen organizations that have 10,000 people on a shift use Sharepoint and even Windows Office or Lotus Notes.

Whatever you use, no matter the cost. size or complexity, will always be subject to "Garbage in - Garbage out", and only as good as it's managed
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We are 6000+ people. Do large organizations really just use SharePoint for their documentation? It just seems to me that there should be better solutions out there. Thanks though.


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I'd like to be able to tell you who uses it by name, but if you use gasoline, have anything made from plastic, fly commercial or use a MS Windows based computer you probably are familiar with some of the company's


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Just searching on "QMS Document Management Software" I found this: Document Management Software | AssurX Compliance QMS

I agree that SharePoint doc libraries are not the best thing, especially for enduser use. We (a small company) use SharePoint, and I create pages for each department or functional area. On those pages, I use link webparts, and other webparts to organize links to documents, forms, reports, external links, etc. that are relevant to the particular needs of those users. I doubt more than a handful of employees have ever viewed the actual document libraries that house all the documents behind the scenes. All most users need is a main menu link or tab to get to "their page", which then contains all the items that they will use.
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