QMS global effectiveness?


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Hello everybody, in looking to have an idea to measure a QMS performance, I face this:

In 5.1 Leadership and commitment
a) taking accountability for the effectiveness of the quality management system;

Bases on this clause, How can you measure a global effectiveness of a QMS?

Based on what?
Yo may have effectivenes at solving corrective actions
-In audits (low non conformities), although having them it may improve your QMS.
-Very good results in trainings (good effectiveness)
-Very few Complaints from customers

Additonally, in objectives, some were met some other do not.
So there are a lot of elements on which the global result can be taken.

What do you consider in this issue?


Jen Kirley

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Hello qualprod,

There is no recognized way to measure global effectiveness. Let us consider:
  • Audit nonconformities rely on detection as well as occurrence (what people notice)
  • Well-managed training outcomes may be affected by other process factors
  • Many customers shop elsewhere instead of complain
It would be nice to be able to globally assess effectiveness o0f ISO-registered organizations, but there are too many variables - the ISO certification is not a deciding factor in enough cases.


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@qualprod , the requirement of clause 5.1 is "top management taking accountability", not measuring the performance of QMS. It is a requirement of the 9.1 clause. Monitoring & measurement requirements are already covered in the 9.1 clause.

Any other purpose for this exercise?
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