QMS Procedure for Obsoleting a Product



Dear Team,

Good Afternoon!!!!

I am Chaithanyia working in a Manufacturing Industry.

We wanna Obsolete some of our standard old products which we are supplying to some of the car manufacturers. So I am in the process of preparing a procedure for 'Obsoleting a Product'.

Can any one please support me with some QMS document for reference in preparing the procedure.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi! I know you're wanting help and hopefully someone here can help with you. I haven't seen a procedure such as you describe here.

I can't think of any off hand, but there typically contractual obligations with automotive parts so you would want to think about that aspect.

Have you mapped out the process yet?


Yes, Process have been mapped. From the perspective of the customer, we have to support them with the product in aftermarket for an agreed period. This involves tool management too. So I am expecting a document or guidance from some one to define the process clearly.

Thanks for your support.
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