QMS (Quality Management System) Software for multiple intercontinental locations



Can somebody please recommend to me a software that I can work with on multiple intercontinental locations,easily accepts existing active documents without reformatting and gives me reports that drill deep down.


What type of format are the existing documents in?
What ype of reports are you doing?
What program are you presently using?

Need more info...



Fully vaccinated are you?
Yup - we need a lot more specifics to be able to address the question.

Richard Flexton

Take a look at Proquis enterprise - works worldwide and has support all over

We have just started to use Proquis enterprise. It is fully web based and available as ASP or for in house web / intranet.

The web system can be configured to your needs and seems to cover most of the bases. Users seem to take to it and get quite enthusiastic as they feel happy about the web interface (getting users enthusiastic about quality management has been an uphill struggle for us) and the back end storage is a bit more robust than access.

On the web it can work multi site multi language and will store documents in just about every format.

Worth a look.


Sorry about that-
We are about 5000+and growing
Existing software based on paradox db and seems to be a pain
Most documents on MS
Reports generated by Crystal Seagate.
Over 8000files occupying 3.5GB
Terminal server.

Our biggest challenge is the current software we use duplicates by nature and is difficult to manage on high volumes and has bugs that BUG US!!

Al Dyer

Chrystal reports is a good program, but you mention 8000 documents, are they all "contolled" documents or is that just the number of files on the hard drive?

I guess like the other a little more detail would be appreciated.


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