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I was looking for some perspective regarding Sales goals and objectives. The company I work for maintains Sales as a key process within our QMS. However, our Sales quality objectives have been a bit anemic, IMO. Our registrar auditors agree and have suggested we "up our game" in this area. What are some common or recommended KPIs that have served as the basis for your Sales QOs? I appreciate any insight.

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Could you give an example of the "anemic" objectives?
Hello, Jim.
Prior to 2017, we did not implement Sales QOs. During that period, we were still transitioning from the ISO 9001:2008 standard to the 2015 update. Seeing as Sales was a Key Process, we were tasked with coming up with QOs.

2017 Sales QO: Create a product certificate for Sales to send to customers upon request.
2018 Sales QO: Enhance training protocol for Sales and Outside Processing personnel.

Needless to say, we had to get creative when it came to measuring these objectives.

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Have a look at one of the longest and insightful threads concerning objectives: Quality Objectives - Is this an audit nonconformity? and check the Is a Sales Growth Objective a 'Quality' Objective ? thread as well.

What about the following quality objectives for your sales function?

  • Salespeople will not lie, fib or mislead customers about product performance and delivery dates. (I know, I know, but that is a stretch goal :p)
  • No customer dissatisfaction due to sales misinformation
  • Accurate quotes issued in less than 48 hours
I set some of these, examples:

- Capturing new clients, Number of new clients = 5 each semester or yearly
- Sales increase by 10 % in first semester or yearly
- Number of days to response a quotation to potential clients= 5 hours or 2 days.
- Opening new offices nation or world wide (shared with top management)

Remember quality objectives are recommended to be set at medium or long terms.

It may be of help



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  • Salespeople will not lie, fib or mislead customers about product performance and delivery dates.
  • No customer dissatisfaction due to sales misinformation
  • Quotes issued in less than 48 hours
OMG, I don't even dream about a company having these as sales goals...other than mine...I think these are absolutely perfect!
If your sales team hits 80% or higher on these goals, you'll be a true standout company.


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If You sell more , your customer May be happy, Is needing More production and If sales are properly managed, why no to keep it?
Sell more to whom? The same customer you already sell to? They may not want more product - what if they don't have the room for extra inventory, not to mention, when inventory just sits and waits that costs a company money.

If you scroll up to Post#4 of this thread, you'll see a link to a conversation already had about sales objectives. Reading that may explain why, when it comes to Sales, its important to have a proper and meaningful goal.

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