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Hi, everyone, actually I'm working in the Q1 implementation for my company, Did somebody have an effective, and easy implementation plan for QOS?


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Manufacturing? I guess it doesn't make any difference. There's an example at http://Elsmar.com/pdf_files/ and the file name is Q1 and QOS Schedule.pdf

It is also in the 'Members' and 'Premium' subscription directories in the Automotive directory as Q1 and QOS Schedule.xls


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The Scoop

<center>Ford Provides Stage for Omnex</center>

I was at a supplier meeting (read Omnex sales presentation) at the QMP building off Rotunda in Dearborn yesterday. As an FYI...

The meeting was a total sham. It was supposed to be aimed at transportation but was little more than a reading of a presentation on Ford's QOS from a warmed over manufacturing presentation on their QOS system. Nothing to do with transportation per se. The same tired old sales pitch - a powerpoint presentation with lots of nifty representations of stuff. Yes - the PowerPoint Zone.

The meeting was started by Paul Kaip - the Manager of Transportation. He gave about a 5 to 10 minute 'intro'. This was the 'evidence' of management support within Ford for QOS and Q1. Of course attendance was tracked and your attendance was evidence of your company's management support.

Dana Snelgrove then spoke for about 45 minutes - that was the presentation I spoke of above. References were all manufacturing related. I got a few questions in, but for the most part it was useless. They could have sent us an e-mail asking us to download the presentation and a place to forward any questions. I don't think there were 5 questions from other people present (of course I had many) throughout the presentation from others.

Then - they handed things over to David Watkins who is president of Omnex. Dave droned on for about an hour in a relatively pure sales pitch. Explaining such basics as "...every company has to use metrics to see how they're performing...". And "...You have systems like these and you get data here and it flows up, see, and you act on it in some way, and..." It reminded me of QS implementations in the early days in the presentations I gave at the start of a project. Out of all of Dave's presentation, there were 2 (count 'em', two) slides which were specific to transportation suppliers. And - of course - they weren't addressed - I think he went through (or better put passed by) those slides quicker than any in the whole presentation. The entire thing was a sales pitch for Omnex 'training'. Predictable.

The bottom line is the Ford people said you will do QOS - Q1 and Omnex can tell you how - just sign up for their training. Our (Ford's) end is to point you to our training 'partner' as out part in supplier development. Of course, Dave's part was to sell the idea of this all making sense (Measureables? Geee... Never thought of that!)

Dave also compared Ford's QOS to ISO 9001:2000 and stated: "...The only difference between ISO 9001:2000 and Ford's QOS is the scope of QOS..." This is confusing to me so I guess we'll soon have to get a 'reading' on what he meant by this. He was mumbling something about the scope of QOS is the entire company while the scope of ISO 9001:2000 was not. I have no idea where he is coming from on that statement. Having been through these sales pitches for 'training' (and having done some myself), it was nothing new. But - you gota sell it if you want people to buy it.

The rest on the 'meeting' was of no consequence - a quick follow up on revocation and maybe 4 or 5 questions.

Let me see. I drove a total of 9 hours to attend a 2.5 hour meeting where I was given a sales pitch for Omnex training. Unfortunately, the uselessness of the meeting was predictable. I had called Dana about the meeting - I suspected what would occur - and he assured me it was focused on QOS and Q1 for transportation suppliers. All I got was an Omnex sales pitch. Not even a "T" shirt! In addition, I counted about 25 others there. The spread was from some top brass down to some lower managers (and of course 1 consultant - me). And this was scheduled near Detroit for 1 to 4 pm on a Friday. Go figure. I spoke briefly during breaks with several others there and their comments were the same - why are they wasting our time with this drivel?
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