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QRQC (quick response quality control) methodology in automotive industry


Starting to get Involved

We have daily meetings each morning to cover the previous days production numbers, KPI's, etc. We follow an SQCT format (safety, quality, cost, time), and the meeting agenda follows that order. First, we cover any safety items, then quality concerns, then manufacturing numbers, scrap, OEE, attrition, etc. Finally we create action items to address any issues identified.
In QRQC, small problems such as burr on single part, etc. are solved with temporary actions only - such as removal of burr by buffing & / or re-setup. Then top problems (as per Pareto / top 3) are analyzed further for root cause and corrective actions.

This method is used because its not feasible to do problem solving using methodologies such as 8D for every small problem.
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