QS 9000 based ISO 9000:2000 or ISO 9000:1994



How much is appropiate to search obtain Qs9000 Certification based in ISo 9000:2000 instead of ISO 9000:1994.
And When will be last month to search obtain certification QS9000 based in ISO 9000:1994 according Ford, General Motors and Chrysler?
Please be good and answer me.

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Internet - QS-9000 will never change to ISO-9000:2000. It is based on the 1994 version and will not be revised. You cannot get a certification to QS-9000 with a 9000-2000 base.

Technically, you can still get a QS certification but why would you bother? Chrysler has already stated you must be certified to 16949 (tier 1 suppliers) and Ford and GM have advised a switch to 16949 although they haven't mandated it yet.

If you are a tier 1 supplier to any of the big 3, go for 16949 now and forget about QS-9000. QS will no longer exist past Dec. 2006 and it appears certifications to it will end Dec. 2003 (the certification is for 3 years).

This is my opinion but I am sure you will find similar advice elsewhere.



Blueberry Nut

We have two certifications (for two sister groups), one for ISO 9000 and one for QS9000.

During the ISO 9000:2000 upgrade audit for our one group, we discussed the other group's QS certification status. The registrar's auditor told us that for our QS certified group, we will need to upgrade our quality system to ISO 9000:2000 as well as still stay compliant with QS9000.


Personally I think he's wrong and was bluffing - 'cause it doesn't make sense to do both the 1994 & the 2000 standard at the same time.

My understanding all along (from another registrar I talked to in a previous job) was that QS is staying the way it is, and the certificate will still read as QS9000 & ISO 9k:1994 until we switch over to TS16949.

What have others heard on this topic?


Just to clarify. You are not QS9000 certified you are QS9000 registered. GM has mandated TS by 2004 and Ford is mandating by 2006. Better bet that if you are a supplier to Ford that they will jump the gun soon and up their date to 2004. After 2006 you can be compliant to QS but not registered. 9000-2000 will be a stand alone cerficate.


Blueberry Nut
GM has mandated TS by 2004 and Ford is mandating by 2006.

I understand that.

What I'm asking is - what happens to our QS certificate between now and 2004? Our current certificate says we're certified to QS9k and ISO 9K:1994. But after 2003 it will not be valid to claim to meet ISO 9k:1994 requirements. :confused:

NOTE - Registered/ Certified - to me its all the same - just a piece of paper, sorry if I mix them up. ;)


This is from the latest QS-9000 intrepretation at www.qs-9000.org:

R8 Expiration of ISO 9001:1994 and ISO 9002:1994 on December 15, 2003 - certificate language for QS-9000 certificates to be recognized after December 15, 2003 (07/01/02)

Any new or renewed QS-9000 certificate issued after July 1, 2002 shall not reference ISO 9001:1994 or ISO 9002:1994 other than in one of the following statements which must be included on the certificate: “Registered to QS-9000:1998 (Based on and including ISO 9001:1994)” or “Registered to QS-9000:1998 (Based on and including ISO 9002:1994)”. All QS-9000 certificates with dates extending beyond December 15, 2003 shall comply with this wording by December 15, 2003. [All other aspects of Appendices G.A.13, I.18, and I.23 shall remain in effect.]

The Registrar may provide a letter to suppliers indicating that the above statement confirms the supplier is certified to ISO 9001:1994 or ISO 9002:1994 until December 15, 2003.

QS-9000:1998 certificates shall not reference ISO 9001:2000. Note: ISO 9001:2000 requires a separate certification.

QS-9000:1998 certificates shall not show an ending date later than December 14, 2006. Note: the current version of QS-9000 (TE supplement) and the current version of the semi-conductor supplement to QS-9000 shall also remain in effect until December 14, 2006.



QS and 9K2K

The registrar's auditor told us that for our QS certified group, we will need to upgrade our quality system to ISO 9000:2000 as well as still stay compliant with QS9000.

I have several clients that are currently QS and have non-automotive customers that demand ISO. For these clients I suggest upgrading the ISO stuff, and still meet all the "shalls" of QS. This is not a big of a task as it seems because QS actually complements 9K2K. As Tom mentioned it would result in two separate certificates.

BTW, not all QS companies will be able to upgrade to TS, so 9K2K may be the better choice.
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