QS-9000 certification of Non-automotive product



We have 2production plants in diff. country.
Plant X have big-3 product and Plant Y have no automotive product.But the big-3 product of plant X will shift to plant Y 2years later.Now plant Y is pursuing QS-9000 certification and want to pass the assessment
before the end of year 1999.
Must plant Y apply PPAP to non-automotive product?
How about plant Y apply PPAP after shifting
the BIg-3 product?
Wait for you reply.TKS!

Kevin Mader

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You are right that you will have to perform a PPAP in order to satisfy a registrar regardless if the item you choose is produced for an OEM. The registrar is interested in the process, that you have done all the required steps and that you have the supportive documentation to back it up. This mock run will serve to satisfy their audit of your new facility. In addition, after moving an already approved PPAP product to a new location, you will be required to submit a new PPAP for that product. The only way around that would be a waiver from you OEM which is highly unlikely.

Keep in mind that PPAP is only required for product sold to an OEM. While other product does not require this process, you may ask yourself why you choose not to. This may be as a result of time and familiarity with the process putting too heavy a load on the system. I would suggest to you that you eventually apply the PPAP, FMEA, APQP, etc. requirements across the board for the simple fact that if you believe whole heartedly in that QS9000 can save you time and money while optimizing the Quality System, you will do it anyway. It sometimes is hard to convince a registrar that you are seriously persuing a QS9000 environment if you pick and choose only OEM products to provide Quality Planning for.
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