QS-9000 Implementation - How can I implement QS-9000 in a Company?



Would somebody tell me? Where I can get information about How I can implement QS-9000 in a Company? I mean with this "A Right Guide" to follow

I would like to find:

a).- What kind of data needs to have Quality Manual

b).-What kind of resources needs to have a Company to support an implementation of QS-9000?

c).- What kind of things TS-16949 suggest to do because of we can develop things one time only?

and etc..


I would suggest that it woudl be more relevant to implement TS16949 and if possible wait for the new edition to ISO9000:2000. This will save you time in the long run if at all possible.


Fully vaccinated are you?
I suggest you start by perusing http://Elsmar.com/Imp/

Although this mainly addresses ISO 9001, the basics are the same. As far as what goes in a quality manual, there are several free examples in the pdf_files direcory is you take the time to look.

When I see a question as broad as this I shudder as it is so broad. In addition, this same question has been asked in these forums many times. That said, I suggest you 'lurk' for a while and read through some of the forum posts. Once you get the general idea, come back and ask more specific questions.
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