QS-9000 / ISO9000 Procedures - Four Questions about Requirements



I have a question regarding QS / ISO procedures. I apologize up front if this sounds a bit confusing. Here is my situation:

I work for a company that performs design and sales for our customers. We are not yet registered to QS or ISO. We currently subcontract all other functions / departments to another company. The subcontracted departments include manufacturing, human resources, purchasing, etc. The other company has been registered to QS 9000 for some time now.

The manufacturing plant is eventually going to be transferred to our company. The original plan was that we would be audited as a satellite location at plants next surveillance audit. My management now wants to obtain registration prior to the manufacturing plant transfer. The problem is all my procedures that I have implemented are set up and in line with QS 9000.

1) Would it be ISO 9001 that we would be audited to?

2) Should I have procedures in place for when the manufacturing plant is transferred? (The same registrar is going to be used as in the manufacturing plant)

3) Will I have to reformat all procedures to be in line with the ISO Standard?

Thank you in advance for any comments / suggestions.

Al Dyer

If your manufacturing plant is currently QS I would think that bringing the documentation of the other facility to the same QS level would be in order.

What does the registrar of the currently QS manufacturing facility think?

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