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I recently wrote the Quality Manual & Quality Procedures manual for a Company in Blanchester. We were awarded the QS flag within 1 year of starting to implement the QS 9000 system.
My Question: My manuals (2) are over 300 pages - 100000 plus words & Visio flowcharts.
I am now implementing ISO/QS here in Florida
(Caught a 28 in Red Fish Last Week & Grilled him/her right on the boat.) and just rec'd the 2nd printing of 3rd. addition plus the T.& E. supplement which I have added to the Quality Manual (WHEW). What is the best method of tracking the quality end of mold making (Plastic Injection) Due to the complicated processes it would cause our Co. to fold if we tracked all. I will be audited by Entela around Feb 1999. So quick way - because If I did it the way It should be done It would be yr. 2199 to complete.
First one to aquire Q1 at Ford, Sharonville OH.
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Howard Atkins may be able to help you. He's into injection molding and may be able to fill you in on how his suppliers systems work. If he doesn't respond here, his e-mail is [email protected]

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We are not certified for Mold Making but we treat the mold building side as follows:
We have a written description of the standards to which we expect our molds to be built, including all the various parts down to the standardised couplings that we expect. We then receive a concept from the mold builder which we have a team meeting to approve the concept with a check list of the technical sides, such as cooling, gates, runners, material , hardness etc, etc. Whilst we do this procedure we also do a DFMEA on the mold in relation to the part that will be produced. We then approve the part with the exceptions and additions that we have added. Ther supplier has supllied us with a timetable and we expect him to update this every 2 weeks, this also answers the side of "technical leadership" of sub contractors.
When the mold is finished we inspect and test inject it at the supplier in the presence of an injection specialist and mold builder. We inspect the part make a layout and then instruct the builder to correct, depending on the complexity of the mold we might check agin, after we have approved the mold we give permission to ship and then have an incoming inspection against a checklist.
We also build molds and I intend to registar the mold shop by mid 99. We are QS for injection only.
I hope this helps, if not ask again.
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