QS-9000 Requires ISO 9001:2000 Suppliers



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I feel with the release of QS9000 directive that QS9000 companies should only obtain subcontract services from ISO9001-2000 certified companies ,the certifying bodies are having a good time because this directive has bullied the companies to take a decision : To die or to get certified


Many years ago (when Chrysler was just Chrysler), I read where GM was planning to reduce their number of suppliers from some 13,000 to around 1000. By placing restrictions on a supplier's vendors, the B3 can greatly reduce and control the entire supply chain. I think this is their intent. I also do not believe it is sinister or evil. When you think of the possible potential defects in autos and the potential liability, I think I would also want to control the supply chain as much as possible. Unfortunately, many good smaller supply chain companies will suffer greatly over this.


It’s a great directive. Any out side processing (or internal) should be done by at least by an ISO 9000:2000 registered companies.

ISO9000 and ISO 9000:2000 are the basics.

The QS 9000 company (supplier) is being told to have zero defects (0 PPM), 100% on time delivery, and a 3 % to 5% price decrease every year. At a minimum there sub contractor should be ISO 9001:2000 certified. They can’t afford not to be.

Every year when I attend the "supplier days" in the mid west, fewer and fewer companies are there. Not because they cannot make the trip...they can't deliver on the product.

And that’s the idea.... 0 PPM , 100 % perfection

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How strong do you believe the correlation is between being ISO 9001 certified (or TS/QS) and being able to deliver "100% perfection"?
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