QS-9000 Sanctioned Interpretations


Greg Cloerkes

There seems to be some confusion about the latest sanctioned interpretations here in Europe. Carvin Continous is offering an new issue dated 1 Nov. 99 while the AIAG home page is still showing Jan. 99
1. Can somebody clearify this?
2. Where can I read the contest in the web?

Roger Eastin

Carvin Continuous is the British (European) clearinghouse for AIAG QS9K publications. For instance, you can get the QSR in French, German, etc. for Carvin. However, I don't know about any "contest" nor do I know anything about Sanctioned Interpretations being released in Nov 99!

Tom Goetzinger

You must have missed Rea's 18 Nov 99 post indicating that 1 Nov 99 Sanctioned Interpretations were available at https://www.asq.org /standcert/qs-9000

Select "Official Publications", then "Santioned Interpretations.

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Roger Eastin

I can see why this release is so easily missed: there's not much to it. In fact, most of the stuff belongs in a Registrar-specific requirements section. Thanks, Tom, for the reminder about Rea's post.


Another site to check is the https://www.qs-9000.org/ . This will give the latest IASG sanctioned interpretations and provides an e-mail address to send in your own questions for interpretations.
Note that the latest Nov. 99 interpretations provide suspension criteria to registrars for major nonconformities ("re-audits"). This information is used many times by Management Representatives to provide leverage in resolving internal issues.

Pete Maizitis
Lead Auditor
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